Jaspreet Singh 02 Febuary 2021

A big thanks to GT Driving School for not leaving any stone unturned and showing great interest and dedication in teaching me how to drive.

Noor Ahmad02 Febuary 2021

I would Say GT Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Surrey, BC. Very reasonable, professional and disciplined in providing driving lessons. I am happy that I passed my test in first attempt. Thank you.

Kamal kaur02 Febuary 2021

Please accept my deep appreciation for your patience and kindness, for your invaluable advices and devotion. Very Happy to have passed my driving test and to have you as my driving instructor.

Pavneet kaur02 Febuary 2021

I was very impressed with the lessons that I got from school, especially those I did before obtaining my license. They helped me become more confident in test! Thank you.

Parget singh02 Febuary 2021

Passed my driving test today! Can't thank you enough! You are definitely one of the finest instructor that we have in Surrey, BC. I definitely recommend GT Driving School!

Annu02 Febuary 2021

Today I took my Drive Test and passed with flying colors! I didn't miss a single point. Thank you so much for the preparation and practice. I will recommend your services to any and all of my friends.

Inderjeet kaur02 Febuary 2021

Very easy to book an appointment and the instructor was prompt and professional. Excellent!

Sukhvider kaur02 Febuary 2021

Very happy that I got my license on my first attempt after joining Green Timber Driving School. My heartfelt thanks to the instructor for everything I learnt a lot form him. Very professional and disciplined indeed. Keep it up!

Prabjot Singh02 Febuary 2021

Good instructor and easy going. Had good lessons, brush up and ended up with passing driving test. Highly recommended!

Gurshanveer Bajwa02 Febuary 2021

I’m so much happy, I passed my test today. I thank my instructor for the guidance and pushing me till I pass. I am happy and excited to be on road with confidence.

Manpreet singh02 Febuary 2021

He is an amazing driving instructor who helped me to get a perfect score on my driving test. I learnt it quick and easy. Best person to learn driving. I will be recommending him to rest of my friends!

Alisha kaur02 Febuary 2021

The instructor was one of the best driving instructors out there. So patient and calm but also methodical. He really knows how to teach and build confidence in a learner driver. He is good.

Harsimran Singh02 Febuary 2021

Passed my test first time with ‘Green Timber Driving School. Excellent teacher, motivational and patient with me. Explained things very clearly. Very positive when you are struggling with something, I would highly recommend.

Muskan Gill02 Febuary 2021

We are lucky to have a resource like GT Driving School in Surrey, BC. Very friendly and comfortable learning experience. I will surely recommend it to my friends.

Yadwinder Singh02 Febuary 2021

Very easy to book an appointment and the instructor was prompt and professional. Excellent!

Abhishek Gupta 28 April 2021

Possibly the patient and most consistent instructor I can get! Never gave up on me and always had faith in me and managed to get me passed! Anyone wanting a driving instructor definitely go for GT Driving School!

Harzeenat Kaur 28 April 2021

I Moved to GT Driving School after having lessons with another instructor before. He had to pick up the pieces and get me through my test, which he did. Not only he is a class driving instructor he’s a gentleman as well. There was never any dull moment during my driving lessons. He kept me involved and here I am.

Gurleen Kaur 28 April 2021

Brilliant instructor. Caters all of his lessons to his students needs and makes driving enjoyable, easy as well as increasing confidence once passed. Cannot recommend enough. He is the best in town.

Parneet Singh 28 April 2021

What a lovely guy to learn driving. Very friendly and easy going. We would always have a laugh on our lessons and he made teaching fun and enjoyable. He cares about his pupils so much and will always be supportive and proud to see you pass. Highly recommended.

Harpeet Singh 11 May 2021

Very smooth and comfortable learning experience. Lucky to have him as my driving instructor. Very prompt and professional. Thanks You GT Driving School.

Gurpeet Kaur 11 May 2021

If you are looking for a driving instructor in Surrey BC, just like i were; look no further. GT Driving School gave me best learning experience. Very nice guy. Now i get on road with confidence and License.

Ranjit Singh 22 May 2021

Driving classes were very helpful, instructor provided me with some new information and tips as well. I also feel that it would be beneficial to anyone who drives, to take driving lessons from Green Timber Driving School.

Prabjot Kaur 22 May 2021

I'm very excited now that i have got my driver's license. The lessons very helpful and informative. It was very good learning experience. Bundle of thanks to the instructor and Green Timber Driving School.

Bhawanjot Kaur 05 Jun 2021

Today was my first drivers training appointment. Instructor was awesome! I definitely felt comfortable and more confident when i got back home after my first session.

Ravinder Singh 05 Jun 2021

Green Timber Driving School is an excellent driving school! Instructor was on time and taught me what I needed to know. He was also very kind and patient. I Would recommend it to everyone!