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New Drivers' Most Common Mistakes during the Road Test

Overcome your Mistakes with the Best Driving School in Surrey The final stage in getting your driver's license in Surrey, British Columbia (and potentially other provinces/states) is passing the road test. As a result, getting ready for the driving test is the key point. The final test will determine whether you receive your license or not. Green Timber - driving school Surrey provides additional suggestions and advice to all new drivers who are taking their driver's license exam to ensure that they understand the fundamentals. Because we have dealt with so many drivers, we have noticed that the majority of them make the same mistakes. We will assist you in getting rid of them so that you can pass the test. If you are new to driving but have taken classes and are still not fully prepared on the last day, then you will not be considered an expert on the day of the test. Understandably, some people feel terrified of the examiner. You can make mistakes that lower your score but do not result in a test failure. However, some people will set you up for failure regardless of the test's outcome. Some common mistakes are, Most people do not come to a complete stop while approaching a stop sign They take a few steps back and double-check that the route is clear before speeding up again. This is bad and will most likely have a negative impact on your outcomes. These stop signs signal that you have come to a complete stop. As a result, make sure you come to a complete stop in front of the line before continuing. Remember that you do not have to stay there for a set amount of time. Turning right on a red light without stopping While it is true that you can turn right on a red light without stopping, you must first stop and then turn right. We have seen people simply slow down and then turn. Teenagers pick up from their elders this habit. So keep in mind that your elders' decisions are not always correct. Parents should also be cautious and create excellent driving habits in their children. Do not drive with the speed limit Most people believe it is OK to drive at 38 km/h in a 30 km/h zone. It is fine to go 32.33 km, but it is not good to go the extra 8 kilometers per hour. You will almost certainly not receive a grade if you do this on test day. We now know that keeping track of speed while also taking care of everything else is tough for a new driver. It could seem daunting at first, but that is where all of the driving schools come in. Green timber - driving school in Surrey is the best of them. We offer qualified instructors that can help you gain valuable driving experience. However, you do not need to watch constantly the speedometer; only ensure that you are driving below the speed limit so that you are still safe if you accelerate slightly. It is not forbidden to drive 25 km/h in a 30 km/h zone, but do not drive too slowly, such as 15 or 20 km/h.

Winter Driving Safety Tips with Driving School in Surrey

Safety Tips with Driving School in Surrey Driving in the winter raises the chance of a car accident without any doubt. It makes no difference how expert or confident you are. The point is that weather changes like fog, rain, and snow have an impact on all drivers. This is especially true for those who do not consider winter driving to be a serious matter. According to ICBC police statistics, the risk of fatality or injury on Surrey BC's streets doubles during the winter season. For safe driving in winter, you need to know safety tips. There are many driving schools in Surrey to guide you in this regard. Green Timber Driving School is one of the best driving schools in Surrey, offering complete safety classes to its clients. Instructions Extra precautions must be taken to ensure that your car is ready for all bad weather. Make sure that you can handle your vehicles in bad conditions. For example, check tires before driving in bad weather. Check that your car's tires, steering, brakes, and some speed drives are safe. Green Timber driving school in Surrey offers some tips. With these points in mind, drive your car wisely and improve your driving skills in winter. Complete winterization of the vehicle: Verify that the battery is in good working order. Is it adequately charged? Make sure that all of the lights are working properly. Headlights, side turn signals, brake lights, and parking lights are all included. Make that the brakes are working properly. Make sure you are having the right tires for the weather. If you live in a snowy area, use snow tires (for example, depending on the intensity of the snowfall). You can choose all-season tires if you reside in a snow-free environment. Keep an eye on the condition of your spare tire as well. Check and make sure that the tire pressure that the car manufacturer recommends. Check the car's wheel alignment. Snow should not be allowed to accumulate in the exhaust pipe. Make sure your car's radiator is in good working order. Replace the wipers if necessary, and fill the washer tank with antifreeze fluid. If you are stalled in traffic or snow, keep an eye on the gasoline tank to make sure you do not run out of petrol. To prevent the gas line from freezing, keep the gas tank full or at least half-full. Winter emergency kit: what to wear, and what is not to wear. Keep some traction mats, a bag of sand, a shovel, a snowbrush, an ice scraper, booster cables, a flashlight, blankets, and a route map with the first aid kit. Driving recommendations for the upcoming winter season When driving a car without light sensors, turn on the headlights. Maintain a safe gap between you and other vehicles and avoid closing the tailgate. Smoothly accelerate and brake. When cornering and moving, you must be cautious. It is best not to pass it. Keep an eye out for black ice. It makes the streets sparkle, but the ice is concealed. Deactivate the cruise control Safely Handle The Skid: To regain control of your vehicle, you must perform the exact opposite of your inclinations and slow down then accelerate. However, some procedures, such as braking and acceleration, may differ depending on the vehicle model, so examine the manufacturer’s manual first. Winter Safe Driving Classes with Green Timber Driving School As I just stated above how difficult it is to drive in snow or bad weather, you need classes from an expert driving school to solve this problem. Green Timber driving school in Surrey offers its best instructors to guide you in this regard. Here you are taught how to drive safely during cold, snowy, salt herds.